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    Preparing to Buy

    Considering Purchasing Property in San Felipe?

    Thank you so much for your consideration and we hope our town fits your vision for living in Mexico!

    Some of San Felipe’s benefits include a reasonable drive to the US border, a unique small town community vibe on the Sea of Cortez, and the ability to travel with relative ease whether it will be exploring the Baja California peninsula, Mainland Mexico, or flights worldwide via Mexico City.

    San Felipe’s history as a small fishing village has grown to being it’s own municipality separate from Mexicali that relies heavily on tourism and ex-pat residency. While fishing the Sea of Cortez still influences the town and always will, numerous fun events include the Score and Norra Races throughout the year, Poker Runs, Festivals such as the Annual Shrimp Festival, Blues and Arts, Ceviche Festival, Seafood & Wine Festival, Paella Festival, in addition to various gatherings offered throughout the year.

    Suggested First Steps

    Purchasing a San Felipe home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and the right advice and guidance is paramount. Experience and expertise matter, and they can make a significant difference in making sure that you not only find the right house but the best community for your needs.

    If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit San Felipe, we recommend at least a 4-5 day stay in order to experience the area. Additionally consider renting a property within the community you may be considering to have the ability to explore, enjoy the existing amenities, and of course speak with other residents for their input on the Pros. vs. Cons instead of relying solely on an agent. Take their comments into consideration and consult with us to clarify any information that may have been shared.

    Our objective is for you to obtain the information you need to make the best decision to obtain your San Felipe dream. Having lived in San Felipe full time since 2005, we are here to assist you.

    Narrow Your Search

    Select a few properties within the communities that fit your wish list and available budget, keeping in mind the lack of financing for the property purchase, fideicomiso, and closing costs.

    It will serve no purpose to view a home that is beyond your budget because it will disrupt your perception of potential homes within your available finances. However once you have had the opportunity to view available properties you may change your perspective and reconsider your ideal San Felipe property, which is fine. However it is of utmost importance that you are realistic with the price you are comfortable investing in a San Felipe property.

    Pocket and Off Market Listings

    Buyers who choose to work with Baja Sun Real Estate are provided early access to new properties that are available but not yet advertised.

    Making an Offer

    Once you have decided on the property you intend to purchase, we can help you make an offer that the seller will consider. Baja Sun Real Estate will provide a Financial Statement that will outline the estimated closing costs and expenses associated with owning the property as well.

    Offer Acceptance

    Once an agreement is reached between Buyer and Seller per the Purchase Offer Agreement, the Buyer shall then wire a 10% deposit into the third party escrow account to take the property off the market and begin the closing process. Additionally, an agreed upon amount to start the closing on behalf of the buyer will also be transferred to the attorney or closing agent hired to handle the property transfer.

    Closing Process

    Darryl is involved throughout the closing process, closely monitoring the process and making sure the property transfer progresses as smooth as possible for our client’s benefit.

    Home Services and Utilities.

    We will direct new owners to the appropriate department /service provider for the transfer of home services and utilities after the closing occurs.

    We will also provide a list of Phone Numbers for Local Contacts for your convenience.

    Feel free to reach out to us at 619.793.5571 or email at bajasunrealestate(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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    Keep up to date with the latest market trends and opportunities in Baja California

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