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    Considering Selling?

    Considering Selling Your San Felipe, Baja California Home?

    Baja Sun Real Estate understands that placing your San Felipe home on the market is an emotional decision as your home is a very special and valuable asset. Most owners invested an enormous amount of time and money into what they believed to be their forever home. We recognize that many factors come into play for deciding to sell including health issues, wanting to be closer to new grandchildren, situations where a divorce is happening, or something as simple as desiring a new adventure.

    In today’s San Felipe marketplace, we hope you will consider Baja Sun Real Estate as the best real estate agency to assist you with the sale of your San Felipe home.

    Darryl and Michelle are intimately involved throughout the process of listing, showing, and closing your home.

    Selling a home in San Felipe comes with numerous questions and challenges that will need to be addressed. Each home whether on leased land, in a Master Trust, homes that currently have no individual title, or homes currently held in fideicomisos with uncooperative banks, provide much to be considered when offering a property for sale.

    Not to mention the current laws in Mexico regarding Seller taxes and Capital Gains taxes. These issues are of utmost importance to keep in mind when considering which agency to work with.

    Not every agency or agent is willing to take the time to learn how to navigate these everchanging waters to the benefit of their clients. These issues are what Baja Sun Real Estate specialize in, as we are intimately involved through the entire closing process.

    Baja Sun Real Estate works with several Notario Publicos and elite teams of attorneys specializing in Baja California Real Estate to help ensure the BEST legal representation for their clients. Darryl’s experiences working directly with the closing parties and Notario Publicos assists us in being able to provide the latest and most up to date information on the current requirements for sellers. This continued involvement allows us the opportunity to strategize with Sellers to minimize their potential tax obligations as best as possible.

    What Is the San Felipe Market Like and When Should I Sell?

    Although there is always interest from Buyers for properties in San Felipe although our market fluctuates a bit depending on the season (Winter vs. Summer months), the current dollar exchange rates, and the market conditions North of the Border. Due to San Felipe being a seasonal destination, it is not unusual for properties to be available For Sale for over 6 months. However the Summer months do keep us busy with Buyers as many are in decision making mode.

    Unlike other areas throughout Mexico, the lack of financing options in San Felipe plays a huge factor in property sales as Buyers need to have the funds available to initiate Escrow for the 10% Deposit, initial Closing fee costs, and then final payment at time of closing.

    As a Seller you should immediately establish your time frame for selling. If you need to sell quickly, we can speed up the process by giving you a market overview and action plan. If there is no pressing need to sell immediately, you can arrange and time to meet with Baja Sun Real Estate to review the current market conditions and find the most favorable time to sell. This may be especially helpful if there are any necessary home repairs or upgrades that may need to take place before placing the home on the market.

    Pricing and advertising the property are key elements to getting your home sold.

    Without a formal MLS service in San Felipe, Baja Sun Real Estate makes a point to be aware of the properties on the market, what prices the homes are advertised at, length of time on the market, our client feedback after showings, and what price homes have sold for once escrow closes. Being attentive to these factors helps us provide as accurate as possible estimation of what a property needs to be priced at in order to generate offers.

    The internet is key as most people start their search remotely, some even purchasing sight unseen after phone consultations with us. If the property is advertised above a potential Buyer’s budget, considering the lack of financing, most will scroll onto other properties. We do our best to price a property in line with properties that have recently sold, are in escrow, and those on the market in a similar price point. Establishing the right Listing Price is key to generating viewings and securing a Buyer who is ready to purchase.

    Some factor Sellers need to consider are whether or not time is of the essence to generate an offer or can the Seller afford to wait 6-12 months for real interest. Sellers also need to be aware that closings may take 90-120 days and often much longer with the more difficult banks like HSBC and Bancomer. This closing time frame can be an issue for potential Buyers.

    Creating an impressive Listing Ad includes high quality photographs, drone photography to highlight the property location, a detailed and accurate description of the property as well as engaging information about the community. Darryl & Michelle are invested with our Sellers and do our best to create a compelling presentation for our listings.

    When it comes to advertising we place every property on our website, which ranks high on the #1 search engine Google for San Felipe Real Estate, we utilize San Felipe Facebook postings to reach out to the community immediately, create informative flyers for window displays in our office and local mailbox center as allowed, and we are also upload videos to our YouTube channel.

    With our extensive networks that we have developed naturally through our client base, we employ the most effective marketing and advertising strategies for our listings. Baja Sun Real Estate is very appreciative and honored to have the vast majority of our network consist of repeat clientele and recommendations from their friends and family.

    It is unusual that an agency can experience the privilege of helping transition a property for the 3rd or 4th time but we are beyond grateful for the continued confidence from those who choose to utilize our services.

    We will also guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial Purchase Offer, Promise of Purchase Agreement to the final closing documents which are all drafted in Spanish with an English translation as a courtesy to non-Spanish speakers to be compliant with the real estate laws in Mexico.

    If you would like to discuss placing your property on the market, please call us at 619.793.5571 or email us at bajasunrealestate(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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