San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
Real Estate on The Sea of Cortez
San Felipe Real Estate Page Updated: November 29, 2016
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Home
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

San Felipe Real Estate Homes & Lots For Sale:

We Have the Best Prices for El Dorado Ranch 

La Ventana del Mar Golf Course Lots, Homes, & Condos!!!

      El Dorado Ranch Electric lots from......................$6,000
      El Dorado Ranch Homes......................................$65,000
      La Ventana del Mar Golf Course Condos............$99,000
      Los Sahuaros Seaside Homes from .................$118,000
      La Ventana del Mar Fairway Home..................$199,000
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Baja Sun Real Estate San Felipe is an independent company here to assist you in making the right San Felipe real estate choice for your needs, lifestyle, and budget

The difference between realtors is Knowledge & Service. 

We have the best selection and best prices in San Felipe!

Baja Sun Real Estate has the most experience handling El Dorado Ranch and La Ventana del Mar privately owned properties. We are able to represent  both Buyers & Sellers through the entire closing process, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Visit our Testimonials page to hear what our clients have to say!

San Felipe Real Estate
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  San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

     If you are contacting us for a complimentary Property Evaluation, please provide your         
     property information (Location, Property Address, Trust Status) so that we may 
    better assist you. 

  Darryl McDonogh                                                        Michelle Walters
  Mex cell: 011-52-1 (686) 150-1052                               Mex cell: 011-52- (686) 222-3002                                   
  US Phone: (619) 793-5571                                          US Phone: (619) 793-5571
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Real Estate
Voted "Best Real Estate Agent" and 
"Best Real Estate Broker"
 3 years in a row!
San Felipe Phone Numbers
Police Station:                   577-1134
Any Emergency:                        066
Fire Station:                      577-1882
Federal Preventive Police:   577-1045
Tourist Assistance:                     078
Mayor's Office:                   577-1021
Chamber of Commerce:      577-2300
Immigration Office:             577-1083
Port Captain:                      577-1577
CESPM (Water Company):           073
CFE (Electric Company):              071
Telnor:                              577-1000

To call a landline from the U.S. dial:
011-52-686 then 577 or 576 number

To call a Mexican cell from the U.S. dial: 011-52-1-686 then the number

To call a Mexican cell from a landline dial: 044-686 then the number

San Felipe Real Estate News 
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Home
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Home
 El Dorado Ranch $149,000
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
San Felipe Real Estate
Baja Sun Real EstateSan Felipe HomesSan Felipe CondosSan Felipe LotsEl Dorado Ranch HomesEl Dorado Ranch Lots

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Entrust Your San Felipe Real Estate Into the Hands of a Licensed, Qualified, Motivated Real Estate Team... Baja Sun Real Estate! 

Are you working with a legal and Licensed Real Estate Agent? The new law requires every  Real Estate Agent involved in transactions to be licensed in Baja California. 

What sets Baja Sun Real Estate apart from the rest?
Not only are Darryl & Michelle both legal and Licensed Professional Real Estate Agents       in San Felipe Baja California, we pride ourselves on our relationship with you! We offer our clients experience, motivation, and we are not satisfied until your transaction completed!

Darryl voted "Best Real Estate Agent" and 
Baja Sun Real Estate "Best Real Estate Broker" for 2013, 2014, and 2015!

Darryl McDonogh voted "Best Real Estate Agent" 
in the Baja Good Life Club's Best of 2012 poll!

If you are a Buyer, allow Baja Sun Real Estate to guide and assist you with your purchase. We can 
help make sure the property you are considering is transferrable and we will inform you of all costs  associated with the property before you make your purchase.

 If you are a Seller, take advantage of our internet advertising with the goal of getting your 
property sold. These days, most buyers start their search on the internet. Our websites dedicated to 
San Felipe real estate place high on the search engines and we advertise on all the major sites 
pertaining to San Felipe. 

Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or/and owning a home efficient, enjoyable 
and rewarding for you.

Our office is located at Km 178.5 in The Plaza Paraiso Commercial Center, across from The Rockodile Sign!
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VIVA San Felipe
San Felipe Animal Care Clinic
VIVA San Felipe
Please consider donating funds or sponsoring an animal for sterilization
San Felipe Animal Care Clinic
Dr. Antonio Solis and his team of dedicated volunteers
Baja Bed & Biscuit
Baja Bed & Biscuit
Kennel Service
Baja Good Life Club
A discount and lifestyle club dedicated to enhancing the lives of foreign residents of Baja California through savings, fun, food and friendship.