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San Felipe Real Estate

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San Felipe Real Estate

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La Ventana Golf Course Home
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Real Estate
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Why List Your Property with Baja Sun Real Estate? 
We intend to sell your home for the maximum price possible in today's market in the minimum amount of time.

To a certain extent, achieving that goal is a numbers game. We need to create a richly detailed, spectacular listing for your home, and then we need to put it in front of as many potential buyers as we possibly can. 

Today’s reality is that Buyers start to look for San Felipe real estate online.

The number of buyers who use the internet to find their San Felipe home is increasing daily. The power of the web is growing and we have been able to successfully establish ourselves online in a variety of ways so that we are able to tap in to this steady stream of potential San Felipe real estate Buyers.

Additionally we have several websites, one quite prominent which is currently enhanced for viewing on desktops, tablets, and smart phones. We strive to keep abreast of the latest technology to better serve our clients. 

We have the network
The web is now by far the most important advertising medium for real estate, and that’s becoming truer every day. Fortunately, we’ve managed to stay ahead of this trend, and have been continuously working to increase our web presence so that we can push listings to more places very quickly, putting properties in front of online buyers very effectively. 

We subscribe to Point2 Agent, a web service that connects real estate professionals with one another and with the most important real estate advertisers on the web. This service allows us to advertise your listing on our websites, on many other local real estate websites, and on some of the busiest real estate marketplaces on the internet. 

Thanks to this listing service, and to our numerous contacts, you will see that we belong to a powerful online network that can make a substantial difference in the exposure your property receives. 
We have the search advantage 
Neighborhoods – instead of creating listings according to awkward ‘selling areas,’ each of my listings is categorized by its familiar neighborhood name. Why is this important? Simple – buyers don’t type “Area 7B, Houston, Texas” into search engines like Google. Instead, it is estimated that over 60% of all real estate searches have a neighborhood element such as “homes for sale in Kingwood, Houston.” Because we will categorize your listing accordingly, it will have a better chance of being found via these crucial searches. 
Multiple Search Platforms – not only will we help your listing attract attention via “natural search” in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, we will also place your listing in real estate-specific search sites such as Point2 Homes.
Better Information – because we try to add as many high-quality photographs and as much richly detailed information to your property listing as possible, it will have a significantly better chance of attracting more buyers. In fact, 86% of homebuyers value pictures as most important.
We build better listings 
Buyers want more information
Better listingsWhat’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple – many independent studies show that better listings with more photos attract more visitors, they keep buyers looking at your home longer, and they generate more quality buyer leads
More photos. We understand the power of quality photographs, and will include as many high quality photos as possible to help attract attention to your listing. 
More information. Buyers want information. That’s only natural – they’re trying to make an informed decision about a major purchase. So instead of withholding information about your property, we deliver as much information as possible. Not only does this make your listing easier to find online, and not only does it help ensure that inquiries about your property are serious ones . . . it can also attract more attention from the buyers who find it. 
More power and personality. Our listings always include Google mapping, virtual tours, and many other features to showcase your property at the highest level of professionalism and technological elegance. 
Put your listings everywhere 

Not only will your listing get serious advertising on our websites and on the websites of all of our network partners
 . . . we will also push it out all over the web.
We’ve researched and subscribed to some of the most effective real estate technology available. This technology  
is just one of the important tools that allows us to present your property as effectively as possible, and to have it discovered by as many potential buyers as possible. 
In modern markets, having a technological edge can make 
a dramatic impact. We have that edge, and we are looking forward to using it to your advantage. 

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San Felipe Real Estate

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Not only does a website need to be online, it really needs to be on the first page of Google and relevant area sites for best exposure and for the first chance to capture a Buyer's interest.

Today's San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Real Estate Property Market is all about finding informative listings online with details and excellent quality photos to capture a Buyer's interest!! 

Sellers you can take advantage of the new way San Felipe's Real Estate is being advertised 
via the internet with Baja Sun Real Estate! 

Please call Baja Sun Real Estate for the most info on today's San Felipe Real Estate Market!

Hire a Licensed, Professional San Felipe Real Estate Agent...

A qualified, Licensed Baja California real estate agent will help you navigate the myriad of decisions that arise when buying and selling a home in a foreign country.

Baja Sun Real Estate provides value to the homeowner in many ways: 

  • We pay for all marketing and advertising costs, including flyers, brochures, signs, and additional publicity.
  • We add experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations, and closings.
  • We offer an association with legal, trusted, and experienced real estate professionals who assist us in every aspect of a transaction.
  • We always have the best interests in mind for all of our clients involved to ensure a successful closing.
  • We advise on all price and contract negotiations as well as providing you with all the possible options, opportunities, and potential negativities without holding back.
  • We provide an unbiased, realistic view of the home and your options for today's market. 
  • We strive to share with you our knowledge in order to answer all of our questions to ensure you are making the best decision for your needs. 
  • Being a third party, potential buyers are more likely to tell us the truth about your home, even if it is unflattering. This objective viewpoint will allow us to suggest items that might help you make the necessary changes to overcome any future Buyer objections or negotiate a price to suit both parties.